I wanted to write a blog post, but inspiration seemed a little thin on the ground. I thought I’d try rolling the dice with a creative commons search on Flickr, and I ended up with this handsome chap strutting across some pavement. Sadly, magnificent as he is, he failed to provide much in the way of motivation, but here I am. I’m really intending to get back to writing here on at least a semi-regular basis. I know from doing Blaugust a couple of years ago that I’ve got at least 15 – 20 blog posts a month in me, it’s just a case of digging them out.

One thing that usually gets me writing regularly is being heavily involved in my game of the moment, but there isn’t one right now. I’m still slowly plugging away at World of Warcraft, and while I’m enjoying Legion in general, I’m finding the constant treadmill of grinding AK / AP / Order Resources / World Quests to be a bit of a bore. It feels more and more like logging in is a chore, and that every time I do, I’m only choosing which content to ignore this week. I’m not playing enough to get everything done, and I don’t feel any real urge to play more, either.

This general feeling of dissatisfaction has brought me to a point where I’m thinking of dropping my subscription in favour of Final Fantasy XIV again. I keep remembering how much fun the fishing and crafting jobs are, and how cute my little lalafell fisher/healer is. I mean, really:

My only other gaming thought is to start a playthrough of Avernum: Escape from the Pit on my ageing and somewhat decrepit iPad. The Avernum games are remakes of the old Exile series; Exile II was one of the first RPGs I ever played. I didn’t even have the full version, just the shareware demo, but I played it over and over, not really understanding the mechanics, just wandering around and eventually getting eaten by giant salamanders or slaughtered by roving packs of goblins. It might be fun to go back and see if I can hack (and slash) it now that I know how a tactical RPG is meant to be played.

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